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District of Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada          

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Rainbow Airways specializes in remote  fishing and offers a wide variety of back lakes and game fish species to its angling guests. Our wilderness vacations include hiking, canoeing and wildlife viewing. 


Island lake Lodge  

Rainbow Airways operate Island Lake Lodge on beautiful Island Lake. Accommodations are Housekeeping in either cabins or the lodge. At Island Lake, you can relax and enjoy a wilderness vacation of fishing and exploration. 

Fly-in fishing; camping & day trips 

Day trips are available at several remote lakes. Whether you are interested in a one-day remote fishing experience, a fly-in fishing/camping trip, or a week-long / multi-lake odyssey which includes great fly-in back lakes, Rainbow Airways can tailor a fly-in fishing package to suit your party's needs and preferences.




Phone 705-389-3444 


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