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District of Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

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Guests staying at Island Lake Lodge or any of the HK cabins  or outposts provide the following:

bait/ice/insect repellent/flashlight batteries. 

food and beverages

sleeping bag/bedding/pillow

towels/ cloths

personal grooming items.

fishing equipment & tackle

With fishing / fly-in packages, Rainbow Airways  provides boats and motors as follows:

Island Lake - 15-foot steel boats & 6 or 8 HP outboards. 15 hp motors are are available for three or more persons in a boat.
fly-in / remote lakes - 14 to 16-foot alumin. and reliable 2 or 4 HP motors
mixed fuel

PFD's, rope & anchor, oars / paddles)

Campers provide all of the items on the left, and the following additional items:

all camping gear
cooking utensils.    Note:  Gas & Barbeque provided by Rainbow Airways.
dishes & eating utensils

lantern's) / lamp's)

Flying Schedules - Arrivals / Departures:

for the convenience of guests, Rainbow Airways has flexible scheduling which enables anglers, campers & canoeists to get the most from their vacation time.

a scheduled "day", therefore, is 24 hours - with a 3-hour allowance when required.

Reservations & Payment:

reservations require a 15 % deposit to confirm bookings.
deposits can be paid in cash, by personal cheque, or certified cheque.
fair bank exchange rate for US dollars.
cancellations require 45 days notice prior to the start of booked dates).
balance of account / services can be paid in cash, by certified cheque or travelers cheque(s). Balance due prior to departure. No personal cheque for balance of account.

Weight & Balance:

for safety, the weight & balance must be within limits.
actual passenger weight is used to determine load.
all gear is weighed. 
individual packages should not exceed 40lbs
the weight of passengers + gear must not exceed 1,050lbs.
total weight could be reduced during periods of high temp.
options, if over weight is: another flight, or leave some gear.
gear should be in packed in boxes, especially groceries.

Summer address
Rainbow Airways 
1051 Bunny Trail
Dunchurch, ON
P0A  1G0
phone:   705-389-3444            email

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