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District of Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

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  Seaplanes: A Passenger's Guide  (click here and please read)


Pilots request to passengers :

arrive at least 15 min before departure.
keep your dog on a leash.
pack groceries in boxes (not plastic bags)
keep weight of packed items below 40lbs
avoid using hockey bags
remember car keys
have a list of passenger names for office.
listen to passenger briefing
stay clear of dock until called for flight 
declare dangerous goods
advise of difficult loads in advance
keep all alcoholic beverages packed.

Danger to passengers:

hitting head on under wing parts
slipping on wet floats
contacting a moving propeller
slipping while climbing into or out of aircraft

Weight & Balance

for safety, the weight & balance must be within limits.
actual passenger weight is used to determine load.
all gear is weighed. 
individual packages should not exceed 40lbs
the weight of passengers + gear must not exceed 1,050lbs.
total weight could be reduced during periods of high temp. (80 degrees Fahrenheit)
options, if over weight are: another flight, or leave some gear.
gear should be in packed in boxes, especially groceries.


Flight Reservations:
please call during office hours 8 4 p.m. 

Rainbow Airways 
11051 Bunny Trail
Dunchurch, ON
P0A  1G0

    Phone  705-389-3444


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